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Monday, 10 December 2012


This is the latest festive design to grace my nails.

For the snow flake nails I used Models Own Buff Pink for the base colour.I painted the snow flakes on with a black nail art pen.Adding a touch of sparkle to them with OPI Save Me.I then applied clear gems to random points on the flakes.

For the Christmas Tree nail I used Models Own Naked Shimmer for the base colour, I then used a green nail art pen to draw out the tree design. Once that was dry I used a green glitter nail art pen to go over the shape. Adding a yellow gem for the star.

Finally I dotted some white on for snow.

Thank you for reading

Tis the season to be fabulous

There's nothing more that I enjoy during the cold dark winter months than to throw on a big wooly jumper and snuggle on the sofa.

Except for Christmas of course.I really wanted to get my glam on and buy myself a new dress. As a rule I generally don't buy dresses, but this year I wanted to be a bit more feminine than normal.

However that was easier said than done Im a 18/20 dress size and I must have tried on 9 dresses and a few other outfits out of desperation. All the dresses that I thought were lovely were either fitted in the wrong area making me look like a sack of spuds or so tight around my bust area it just looked ridiculous.Now I must not be the only big girl that likes to wear dresses but I'm wondering when designers are going to realise that not all designs translate up through the sizes.

Anyway enough of my moaning and time for me to talk about the important bit....I finally found a dress I was happy with which checked off everything I was looking for.

The dress I chose was from H & M and is a simple jersey dress with plunging back and for that touch of glamour, the bust area has irridesant stones all over it. I purchased this dress during H & M's 50% off your first item on their website. Original price was £14.99 so with the discount I paid £7.49 for this dress.

Also I wanted some new party shoes.I found these on eBay for a bargain.Yes they are second hand but in immaculate condition,Including postage I paid £4.70.

So for a little over a tenner I have the perfect outfit for my little Christmas celebrations.

The only downside to my decision to wear a dress is I am now doing yoga twice a day and tottering around in 4.5 inch heels whilst doing the housework to ensure the whole thing looks its best and I don't fall over on my butt.

Thank you for reading.

Saturday, 8 December 2012


Another quick NOTD post for a festive nail design I have done tonight. I saw this design on Instagram and fell in love with it.Credited to Lynda Moorhead.

This is no way shape or form as fantastic as hers but I thought I would give it a go with a touch of my own flare.

I used Models Own Snow White as the back ground colour.Using a selection of tools and acrylic paints to apply the snow man face and snow flakes, finishing it off with a coat of silver glitter and top coat.

Thank you for reading.

Thursday, 6 December 2012


Just a quick NOTD post featuring a festive design I did.

I used Models Own Red Alert for the base colour then a selection of acrylic paints for the dots, snow man and holly leaf.I finished the design off with a touch of silver sparkle and a top coat to protect the design.

Thank you for reading

Saturday, 10 November 2012


Apologies to all for the lack of posts these last few weeks.Having a hectic time of late setting our business up.Our first event is Sunday so hopefully things will start calming down and blogging can recommence.

Thanks Ladies

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Make Up Tag - Mermaid

Whilst on twitter I noticed a few of the beauty blogger girls talking about the weekly Make Up Tag.
Me being the nosey person I am decided to find out more information about it.
It is run by a friendly lady called Aqeela author of Aqeela's Blog.

Every week a different look is decided on and pictures are then put on Aqeela's blog and everyone is free to join in. I instantly felt welcomed by Aqeela and the other beauty bloggers who take part, so much so I decided to give it a bash.

This weeks look is Mermaid inspired.

It was so nice to be a bit more creative than the normal day to day make up routine without fear of ridicule or judgement.

If you want to check out all the other designs featured on Aqeela's blog follow the link here

Next weeks look is 1960's inspired.

If you wish to get involved in the weekly make up tag contact Aqeela for more information on twitter @Aqeela_k

Thank you for reading

NOTD - Halloween Nails

This is my first attempt at Halloween nails.

On the feature nail I used Models Own Buff Pink as the base coat and Snow White sponged onto the tip of the nail.
Whilst that was still drying I sponged loose glitter onto the white.
Using a stripper brush and black acrylic paint I painted on the web design.Finally applying a thin coat of silver glitter and a top coat to seal it in.

For the rest of my nails I used 2 coats Models Own Mushroom, when that was dry I used 2 coats of Models Own Beetle Juice Pinky Brown over the top.
Finished off with a coat of Top Coat.
Unfortunately the picture doesn't do it justice(damn camera phone!!).

Thank you for reading.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Laine Blogger Award

I have been nominated for the Laine Blogger Award courtesy of  Jenny author of the fab blog Beauty And The Biryani.

The rules are easy.
  • Tag the blogger who awarded you
  • Answer the five questions below
  • Award 5 more bloggers the Laine blogger award. 

What is your current beauty obsession?

As always my obsession is nails and nail art, but the latest obsession to grip me is eyebrows.Plucking them, shaping them, shading them. Its amazing how many tips I have picked up lately.

Which one beauty item you wished you owed? 

I would really like a Konad Nail Stamping Set, I have purchased a cheap version and was very disappointed with it.

What is your favourite post to read and write?

It has to be nail art posts, I find the subject fascinating and there are some truly talented people out there.
My attempts just don't comp[are to some designs

What inspired you to become a blogger?

The main reason was boredom. being a mom of 2 small children I needed to allocate some time for myself.

Which nail polish are you wearing now?

I am wearing  Models Own Naked Shimmer on my finger nails with Disco Mix glitter tips, and Models Own Grace Green on my toe nails with OPI Save Me Holographic Glitter.

My 5 nominations for the Laine Blogger Award are:

unwritten hollywood 

the treasure chest 

the nailasaurus 

Tales of knit & nails 

paint potted 

Friday, 5 October 2012

October Buys So Far

This is a collective haul of my purchases from October so far...

Leopard Print Jeggings
Heart Jumper
Casual Slub Top
All from George

MUA Lipsticks
Shade 1 & Shade 9

From left to right - 
Models Own Tweezers.
Magenta Divine, Red Alert, Disco Mix, Blooming Pink, Mushroom, Purple Haze, Buff Pink.
Snow White, Naked Shimmer, Mini Beetle Juice Collection, Mixed Up, Grace Green.


 Peace, Love & Rainbows from Piper Polish
OPI Save Me


 Thank you for reading


Just a quick NOTD post from my experimenting with my new delivery of Models Own nail polishes.

I used Models Own Grace Green as the main colour, then I used OPI Save Me which us a holographic glitter with long glitter strands in to do a feature nail on my big toe nail.

Thank you for reading

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Book of the Moment

Portrait Of A Killer
Jack The Ripper - Case Closed
Patricia Cornwell
Published 2002
Genre: True Crime

This book is based upon the Jack The Ripper Murders that took place between August and November 1888.
At the time of the murders no suspect was ever convicted of the crimes and remains one of the greatest unsolved cases the world has ever seen.
Many names fell into the spotlight of possible suspects from police men, doctors even royalty.

Throughout this book Patricia Cornwall uses her formidable range of forensic and technical skills she has required as a crime reporter in her early years, Chief Medical Examiner of Virginia USA and working closely as a volunteer for Richmond Police Department USA to apply the rigorous discipline of 21st century police investigations and the latest in forensic techniques that were unknown to the hard working police of 1888 to present hard evidence to unmask the identity of the man self named Jack The Ripper.

This self financed project was to search for evidence to support her theory that painter Walter Sickert was indeed guilty of 7 known brutal murders of ladies of the night. Although with lack of actual DNA of Sickert or any surviving family member, Cornwell called on a host of experts known to her to analyse finger prints, letters written under the pseudo Jack The Ripper and intense scrutiny of Sickert's artwork.

This novel has gripped me with fascination although not for a weak stomach as the graphic nature of the crimes is laid out bare with descriptions and photographs of actual crime scenes.Also included are the eerie works of art produced by Sickert that mirror many aspects of the murders.

Patricia Cornwell has come under fire from the British art world and certain "Ripperologist" due to the controversial nature of her theory although certain prices of evidence can't be denied.

As Sickert died in 1942 there no longer remains anyone to be held accountable for the tragic murders of Mary Anne Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddows, Mary Kelly and possibly many more...

Thank You For Reading

New Feature - Book Of The Moment

I will be introducing a new feature to my blog which will be Book Of The Moment.

My passions in life not only include make up and Nail Art but I am also an avid reader.

My book collection is my pride and joy.
Give me a good book (a real book not one of these silly kindle thingy mabobs) and I will escape to a land of dreams and wonder for a very long time.

I will read pretty much any genre but I prefer Sci-Fi, Crime, True Crime and Horror.
My favourite authors are a mixed bunch from Agatha Christy, Elizabeth Moon, Laurell K Hamilton, Stephen King, James Herbert, Dean Koontz and many many more.

I am always on the look out for books to add to my collection so you are more than free to reccomend titles to me, and not necessarily top of the chart books as I rarely buy anything current as I read what I like not what Im told to read.

Thank you for reading.

Monday, 24 September 2012


This NOTD design happened purely by accident.
I had a new toy to play with and was purely having a little experiment.
I laid the base coats for a different design entirely but then I kind of went on a tangent, and I'm actually quite pleased with the final look.

With previous nail art designs I had major problems using nail varnish or my nail art pens to do certain techniques, either the coverage wasn't great or they were unworkable due to the drying time especially when using my doting tools.
So I had a little brain wave, I decided to buy some acrylic paints. Just a cheap set of colours off eBay you can find here.

I used Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Enamel in No 28 as the base coat then using various doting tool sizes I used a selection of different colours overlaying each other, once that was dry I applied 2 coats of L & M Glitter Top Coat No 23 to give it a bit of a sparkle.

I will definately be using the acrylic paints every time I do a design now as they apply brilliantly, drying time is good and can be mixed to make uncountable shades of every colour.

Thank you for reading

Saturday, 22 September 2012


My NOTD is the nail art I did for Breast Cancer Awareness.

I used Sally Hansen HD LCD as a base coat.Due to the colour being very sheer I used 3 coats of this.Once that was dry I used manicure guides to mark out my tips then painted Jessie's Girl Cupcake to give a twist on a French manicure.I then hand painted silver glitter on to the join.

On my ring finger I used a bright pink nail art pen to draw on the pink ribbon design.Once that was dry I hand painted a pink glitter over the top, and finished it off with a clear gem and plenty of top coat for a lovely shine.


Thank you for reading

Little bit of tender loving care.

One thing I don't get enough of is sleep, this is caused by many reasons.
My children, my anxiety, general stress of life and having an over active mind during the quiet times, so on average I get around 4 hours sleep a night.

Due to this I suffer from incredibly dark circles and minor puffiness under my eyes. Even though I have suffered from this problem for years I have never brought any treatments to try to lessen the problem, solely relying on concealers to cover the dark marks.
Due to one reason or another I have started to wear less and less make up.So it became time I tried a eye treatment instead.

I chose Pure Cucumber and Caffeine eye roll-on manufactured by Sublyme Cosmetics.This retails for £1.99.

I chose this item because the packaging is striking in the respect it has a very modern look and looks like a quality brand.I also have used Pure products before so saw no reason to not give this a try.

The formula is enriched with cucumber extract and caffeine to help soothe and stimulate tired skin under the eyes and reduce the appearance of under eye bags.It also includes Vitamin E which is vital in helping to ease inflammation, keeping the skin smooth and soft whilst protecting skin tone.

Using the roller ball to gently massage the formula in to the skin under the eye to encourage drainage of fluids that cause puffiness and refresh tired eyes.

The formula itself is a fragrance free clear liquid that has a cooling sensation when applied,  I would probably keep this item in the fridge to keep it at a low temperature. Over the course of the application I could feel the skin under my eyes firming up, I agree it reduces puffiness although after a couple of applications there are still dark marks under my eyes.

Only time will tell if it reduces them to such a degree for them not to be noticeable.

Thank you for reading

Friday, 21 September 2012


I have 2 TOTD today as I just couldnt chose between them.

 These tracks are a new addition to my play list

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Amelia Lily - You Bring Me Joy

David Guetta feat Sia - She Wolf

Thank you for reading

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Who needs flat packed anyway?

 It feels like forever since my last post but this week has been hellish what with builders ripping my apartment complex to pieces and generally making a nuisance of themselves, on top of that being my "time of the month" and generally feeling lethargic and grouchy. I could have quite easily curled up in a ball and died....but now I'm back on the ball (hopefully) and have got some serious catching up to do.

So here goes..........

I have never been particularly girly, yes I like playing with make up, nail accessories and clothes to an extent but that's about as girly as it gets.

Excluding all of that there is one thing I've been wishing for, for so long and that is a old fashioned dressing table.One with big mirrors, draws and compartments.

Up until a few days ago that desire was kind of just simmering in the back of my mind.That was until I dismantled my sons cot that was taking up considerable room in my bedroom.
Suddenly there was a huge gap that was crying out to be filled and the need for a dresser was over whelming.

I had no idea what kind of style I wanted, I just knew i wanted one and pronto!!

Armed with a reasonably sized budget and a open mind I started having a look around on various sites late one night when I couldn't sleep.

I found a gorgeous one that was in my area on eBay that didn't have long left and was currently at a stupidly low price of £1.02. That's where I came across a dilemma.It was collection only and I don't have a car.I thought my friend wouldn't appreciate a text at 2am in the morning begging a favour, so with a heavy heart I passed it off.

By the time morning came curiosity had got the better of me, back onto eBay I went expecting the price to have rocketed way over my budget.
I was surprised to see it still at the low price and with 2 hours left on the auction, so after a few hurried conversations and phone calls to borrow a car the decision was made to put a bid on it.

I kind of did everything arse about face as per usual, soon after I bid on it I started worrying it would be way to big to fit in the car.
I emailed the seller to get the dimensions and passed them onto my friend, and of course I got the answer I was dreading. It was too big!!!

I honestly thought I was going to have to detract my bid, until my friend had a brain wave.Ask the seller if I payed their petrol would they deliver it and they said they would as they only lived 10 minutes away from me.

The only other thing I had to contend with was actually winning the damn thing.
As the auction got closer and closer to finishing I kept hiking up my bid thinking that a big bid would be put on it at the last minute and i would loose it.

Much to my surprise I won it, and not only did I win it but I got the biggest bargain of my life.

The final price I paid for it was £1.24, so including the petrol costs I paid a grand total if £11.24.

So let me tell you about it, it's a 1960's handmade art deco walnut veneer solid wood dresser with 3 independently moving mirrors. It has 4 large draws and a smaller draw compartment on the top.

After a little TLC it has a gorgeous shine and for the age of the dresser it's in fab condition so has been well looked after. The only down side is the mirrors are showing age spots so I am currently looking for ways to repair them (any ideas most welcome) or at a later date to replace them entirely.

I think I could really get into buying old furniture now as there are some real gems out there going unseen. and for ridiculous amounts of money.

Now I just need to decide what I'm going to fill it with.....

Thank you for reading.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

New Layout

Just want to say a massive thank you to Anthony at One Dark Day Studios for my new layout, header and blog button.

I love it!!

If anyone is interested in getting a commission done for any blog related designs.Leave me a comment and I will pass on your details. Or contact @sillyscribbler on twitter for more information.

Thank you for reading

Friday, 14 September 2012


I can safely say my mojo is definately back, as are the extensions...lol

I used a clear base coat as the base colour, with my tips marked out with manicure guides I painted them with Sally Hansen HD Nail Colour in Laser, once that was dry I used Technic Carnival glitter top coat over the blue except for my ring finger.

I then added a clear gem to the tip of the point and pink gems on the outline of the point on my ring finger

Laser & Carnival  

Thank you for reading

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Is it bedtime yet...

Had a serious bad day today, and my mojo is on an all time low.

From the minute my eyes flew open at 6am this morning because of my little boy crying I knew I was in for a bad one.

My Internet shop was late, had an important meeting with estate management regarding the business and my little man was over tired so acting like a monster. All I really wanted to do was veg on the sofa with a cup of tea.

Seriously harassed mommy today, the hair is normally a clue as to what kind of day I'm having....

Perfectly done = Good day                     
Sticking out in every direction = Bad day

Part of my bad mood stems from not getting what I want , when I want it...namely gorgeous little gifts that I had treated myself too that haven't shown up yet??? As soon as my postman pushed that one measly letter through my letter box, my day got even worse, I had to force myself to not rush to my balcony and hurl abuse at him as he walked back up the path...pffft!!

Finally I have the peace I have so desperately wanted all day, kids in bed and other half out for the evening....and I just cant be bothered to move....chipped nails and bushy eyebrows included...lol

So hopefully I can pass it off as just the bad day that everyone gets every now and then, get some sleep and hopefully wake up in a better mood tomorrow.




Desperate times...

As some of you have probably seen from twitter I am getting increasingly frustrated with the lack of expected packages hitting my doorstep.

So out of desperation I have dug through my archive for previous nail art pictures I have done this year.


 Thank you for reading


I give thanks to Phil from britrockarmy for introducing me to a vast amount of excellent music written and performed by unsigned bands.

This track is one of my favourites from Cancel The Astronauts a unsigned band from Scotland.

If you want to be put in an upbeat mood this is the track to do it......

...listen out for their debut album Animal Love Match being released next week.

Thank you for reading....

Monday, 10 September 2012

Moving Day

As I have said before my nail varnishes and accessories currently live in a draw in the kitchen but it is far too much hassle sorting through them just to find a specific bottle or pot of gems.

So I have done 2 things, I have moved them to my bedroom and now have there own shelf to bask in fabulous glory and I had a fun evening last night being a bit crafty decorating a tin for all the tools and accessories I have.

I starting off by scouting the top of my kitchen cupboards for the perfect sized tin, the type that you think you will save just in case and they only generally get used for school fete offerings.lol. Well for once they actually came in useful and was the perfect size and shape.

Other brands are available.lol

I decided to have a go at painting and blinging it up about as a mini roll box just isn't cool.
First I used a normal emulsion to paint over the design, leaving the shoulder plain metal as it looks effective.
Once that had dried I used a black gloss paint suitable for metal and gave each side 2 coats.

Once this had dried I began to build up my design, I chose the Galaxy design, as I think it looks so pretty and relevant to what the tin will be used for.
I used grey, white, purple and blue paints, and generous helping of glitter,
Then using large gems to decorate the edge of the design.

I then filled it with everything I use that normally get lost.

 Finally I was ready to put everything in place but one thing I definately have realised is that I don't have just enough bottles on that shelf yet.

Thank you for reading