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Friday, 31 August 2012


This track is perfect on a horrible day.
 Nice and up beat to put the smile back on your face.
Perfect for the hardest of tasks

Empire of The Sun
We Are The People

Batten down the hatches....

I don't know whether its all moms around the world or just me, but as soon as the first hint of Autumn is on its way and the nights start drawing in early I go into panic mode......
....Are the family warm enough?.....Are they feed enough?.....Is there enough supplies to last?.......

For me the best way of dealing with that is cooking big hearty meals and piles of blankets, my flats freezing in the cold periods.

The thing that confounds me more than anything is where this mentality came from. Its obviously a gene that stays dormant until the little pink lines appear....anyway I digress.

I was hit by one of those sudden panics today. The weather was lousy, raining and chilly, which made me restless and moody. Time for me to hit the kitchen, but what to make.

Lasagna, Stew, Roast dinner, Cheese Bake....

I finally decided on a fish pie, as its one Ive not done before and had all the ingredients available as would anyone that's suffers from seasonal OCD like me.....lol and I thought I would include a "How To" just incase.


* 6 Cod Steaks or fish/sea food of your choice
* 500 ml of semi skimmed milk
* 2-3 fresh basil leaves
* 1kg of Maris Piper Potatoes
* 2 Cups of frozen peas
* Cheddar cheese sauce(packet)
* Grated strong cheese
* Teaspoon of butter

    • Peel the potatoes and cut into fairly small cubes and boil until soft
    • When the Cod is ready remove basil leaves and drain milk into a jug for later
    • Season the steaks with salt and pepper
    • Using a fork break the Cod up ensuring  an even coating covers the bottom of the dish
    • While the Cod is cooling make your cheese sauce


    I chose to use a packet sauce due to lack of time but if you wish to make your own this is how you do it.


    * 75g Cheese (personal preference is fine)
    * 1 Pint of milk
    * 40g plain flour
    * 40g unsalted butter
    * Seasoning to taste

    • Combining milk, flour and butter into a pan, place on a gentle heat
    • Whisking while it simmers until it turns glossy and thickens continue to simmer for a further 2-3 minutes
    • Add cheese whisking till melted
    • Season if desired

    •  Next add the peas and pour over cheese sauce, mixing the Cod, cheese sauce and peas 
    •  Drain potatoes and season with salt and pepper
    •  Melt a teaspoon of butter into 200 ml of warm milk
    •  Whilst mashing add the milk and butter until you get a smooth consistency
    •  Smooth mash onto the cod and sauce base until you get a even covering
    •  Finally sprinkle with cheese

    This can now go straight into a preheated oven on Gas mark 7 for 30 minutes, or cover with tin foil and place in the fridge if made in advance.

    What are your panic moment meals??

    Thank you for reading

    Perfect little parcels

    This is purely a follow on from my previous post about Website of the Month, as I said yesterday lisselejewellery.com very kindly included a 10% off voucher in with my order and who was I to refuse more bargains.

    Once again very happy with the items I received which are:

    The first pair are lovely green enamel and gold bows. I think they are really cute and girly. ideal for everyday wear.

    These are my favourite pair.They are clear diamante, black enamel and distressed gold cubes.
    I think they are very trendy and can be worn for either a smart day occasion or for a night out if you are not a big wearer of dangly earrings.

    Both were in the £1 section, including postage and the 10% discount both pairs cost £2.79...WOW!!

    Turn around time for this package was amazing, ordered Wednesday afternoon and they arrived this morning, so I was very impressed.
    Also included was another discount card entitling me to a further 10%, I can see this becoming a deadly game for my bank balance.

    Thank you for reading

    Thursday, 30 August 2012

    For the rock music lover out there...

    This post is a feature for another blog I have kindly agreed to lend a hand to...britrockarmy.blogspot.com 
    Have a fantastic competition running on their facebook page.

    Please read below for details......

    ....."Right then people, it's competition time again!! Thanks to the brilliant Zodiac N Black for the prize this time, 3 of you lucky lot can win a copy of their album The Aftermyth.

    This time, with it being festival season, it's a festival related competition. To enter is easy, all you have to do is design your perfect festival! So, name it, where will it be, and then your line ups, have as many stage

    s as you like :) you can include any bands you like past, present, signed, or unsigned. You could even have an unsigned stage! Once you've decided all this, send your entry to the inbox on this page. (we don't want anyone stealing ideas now do we). You have ONE WEEK to get your entries in! And your time starts.......NOW!!!....."
    Thanks for reading.

    Website of the month

    As you know there's nothing more that I love than scouting the Internet for a bargain.
    Well this time the bargain found me, or should I say lisselejewellery.com found me through twitter.

    Lissele Jewellery is a family run company that specialises in selling jewellery and accessories at fantastic prices aimed at teenagers.

    One thing I am not is a teenager but I do like jewellery and I definately like cheap fashionable jewellery so I just couldn't resist a gander.

    Whilst browsing the goodies on display I came across a promotion Lissele Jewellery are currently running entitling UK Residents to a free pair of earrings from their £1 section for a limited time.Its simply just a case of following their instructions.Which includes tweeting about the promotion, registering with them, then browsing the £1 earring section making a wish list of all your favourites. Once you have done your wish list simply send it to them and they will choose 1 item off your list and send it to you for free.

    Well all I can say i was in seventh heaven and my wish list was over-flowing with quirky but trendy pairs of gorgeous little earrings and with anticipation I waited for my pair to arrive.

    I am incredibly happy with the style that arrived, incredibly well packaged and fantastic quality.
    Also included in the package was 10% off my next order, which I used straight away so there are a further 2 new pairs of earrings on there way to me.

    I definately recommend Lissele Jewellery as their delivery rates are excellent value for money, the product they sell are good quality for a reasonable amount and they are incredibly friendly and give excellent customer service, as I had a few queries about products on the website.

    Thank you for reading.

    Tuesday, 28 August 2012

    Autumn Wishlist

    Just a small selection of some gorgeous must have pieces for Autumn.

    Cant wait to get these in my wardrobe for Autumn/Winter 2012

    Nail Challenge day 10.Gradient

    Firstly I really need to apologise for what I am going to show you. Must be having a seriously bad day when I attempted this challenge.

    Nothing would go right.....the quality is shocking and my patience was all but run out.lol

    With a selection of varied pinks I attempted to do(pah!) a gradient design. If you don't like it, I really don't blame you...lol

    Day 11 Challenge is Metallic

    If anyone wishes to take part in the nail challenge they are more than welcome.
    Email me your pictures to necessaryaddiction@gmail.com and all pictures will be featured on my blog remember to include your name or blog address so I can credit your pictures.

    Thank you for reading

    Less is more...so they say!

    Just a quick post to say just how chuffed I am that I took a brave step forward and bought that red lipstick.

    Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Alarm

    Although I am still trying to get used to not over doing my eyes, so now its just a quick flick of eyeliner and a generous amount of mascara.

    Thank you for reading.

    Monday, 27 August 2012

    n-spa skin care review

    I have never really had a strict regime for skin care, never really seemed to need it.

    Until today. All I can say is OMG...I love this stuff. This range of products is quickly becoming my star buy of the month.

    I scrubbed, polished and creamed myself into exhaustion this afternoon and now my skin feels as smooth as a babies bottom.

    Before I had even applied the moisturiser my skin felt so soft that applying it was just the topping on the cake.

    One extra credit I give n-spa for is the scent. Its gorgeous, not over powering and lasts, 12 hours later and I can still smell it.

    My favourite item from the n-spa range is the hand and nail cream. I find the skin on my hands is incredibly dry but today since I have applied the cream my hands are incredibly soft even after the countless times I have washed them.

    I highly recommend these products and I am very happy I purchased them, this is definately one range I will be keeping in my bathroom cabinet. 

    Thank you for reading.

    Nail Challenge Day 9.Red

    Red is probably one of my favourite nail colours so there was no hesitation what so ever for today's challenge.

    Although I did want to have a little fun with it, it seemed like cheating to just paint my nails and leave it at that. It is supposed to be a challenge after all!!

    So I paid homage to my favourite red nail varnish OPI Big Red Apple, by doing a feature nail with of course a big red apple on it.The green nail was done with Barry M's Emerald then used a selection of nail art pens to create the apple. Doesn't it look so cute....

    OPI Big Red Apple & Barry M's Emerald

    Day 10 nail Challenge is Gradient

    If anyone wishes to take part in the nail challenge they are more than welcome.
    Email me your pictures to necessaryaddiction@gmail.com and all pictures will be featured on my blog remember to include your name or blog address so I can credit your pictures.

    Thank you for reading.

    Sunday, 26 August 2012

    Cant wait to try.....

    Internet shopping is such a dangerous game for me as I don't actually have to hand any physical cash over when ordering whatever I fancy and me being me I have a awful relationship to money...meaning I tend to not have any, and I don't know why.....sorry had to pause because of the hysterics.

    I know why, you probably know why and you don't even know me.
    That's right its the little bottles,packets,tins and tubes of gorgeousness that call out to every girl all over the world.

    So this is the latest haul that "accidentally" made their way into my shopping basket...oops!

    One thing I can confess to is never owning a red lipstick as Ive never felt good enough for the colour if that makes sense, but since I have been blogging and looking at lots of other beauty blogs Ive become bolder, more daring and definately more confidant.
    So I didn't just start off with a muted red or even a lip gloss. I found the brightest flipping red I could find.
    This one is a Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Alarm and it definately is RED...

    These beauties caught my eye and I just had to have them, as I have never used this brand before.
    The n-spa Bathing Rituals have a step by step approach to beauty.

    Step 1 is Cleanse to draw out impurities and clarify skin, so I chose the the Moisturising Shower and Body Wash.
    Step 2 is Exfoliate to buff away dull skin cells and smooth so I chose the Body Polish.
    Step 3 is Moisturise to restore and nourish thirsty skin so I chose the Body Lotion.
    There is also a Step 4 and 5 but I think I was pushing my look on that score...lol

    All these item are the the Jojoba and White Jasmine scent, and smell Divine.

    As an added extra I also chose Step 3 Hand and Nail Cream in the same scent.

    All these items are 75ml, there are also larger sizes available.

    Roll on tomorrow when I get some down time to actually test and enjoy these beauties.

    Do you use n-spa?? Any recommendations?

    Thank you for reading.

    Nail Challenge day 8.Leopard Print

    This is probably the best challenge I have had so far including the galaxy nails.
    Leopard print is probably one of my best nail art designs to do and the one I use most oftern.See Smarty Pants blog.

    For the challenge I wanted to do something a little bit different with the design, have a little fun with it.
    So I went on to Google(my best friend) to have a nosey at some other ideas.

    With lots of other ideas floating inside my head I came up with this one.Keeping my nails natural I used my black fine tip Sharpie marker to draw straight onto the nail then filled in the leopard spots with Misstaken by Missguided which is an bright orange, added a touch of glitter and that was it.

    I think the graduated design is much more affective than a full nail, and will definately be doing this version again in the future.

    Day 9 Nail Challenge is Red

    If anyone wishes to take part in the nail challenge they are more than welcome.
    Email me your pictures to necessaryaddiction@gmail.com and all pictures will be featured on my blog remember to include your name or blog address so I can credit your pictures.

    Thank you for reading.

    Nail Challenge Day 7.Neon

    This challenge was a right pain to complete as I just don't have any neon nail varnish in my collection.
    I fretted and fretted and didn't know what to do, and I just didn't have the energy to get myself to the shops. It was a Saturday and that's a big no, no for me.

    Anyway I had a mooch through my colours and decided that the brightest and nearest to neon I had got was a bright pink.

    Jessie's Girl in Cupcake( with flash )

    I don't actually think it looks too bad in the pictures, but it has made me realise that I just don't have enough of a broad spectrum of colours. So I'm just going to have to buy some more...money allowing of course.

    Day 8 Nail Challenge is Leopard Print

    If anyone wishes to take part in the nail challenge they are more than welcome.
    Email me your pictures to necessaryaddiction@gmail.com and all pictures will be featured on my blog remember to include your name or blog address so I can credit your pictures.

    Thank you for reading. 

    Saturday, 25 August 2012

    Maybelline Dream Fresh BB

    There's nothing I like more than a little freebie and that's what I got through my letter box this morning.

    I received 3 samples of Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in the light shade perfect for my skin tone as I am very pale naturally. Now I'm a big fan of Maybelline so maybe it will be one more thing added to my collection.

    I cant wait to give them a try although unfortunately not today as I already had a full face of make up on by the time the postie turned up.

    The card that they came attached to is very informative and I quite like the sound of the cream.

    What does it do you ask? Well I'm going to tell you.

    Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream isn't a foundation but more of a moisturiser, giving your skin an effortlessly fresh faced appearance without looking overly made up.

    This is one thing that caught my eye, as I'm naturally pale I can almost look ill with nothing on my face so need a good layering of foundation, powder and bronzer just to maintain my healthy look, but the one disadvantage is that its quite heavy on my skin, and after a few days of continuous wear my skin starts to feel horrible.

    So this cream should be perfect as it is oil free and water based so quite hydrating for the skin, it also has a SPF of 30 so handy for the summer

    It states that it has a 8 - in - 1 skin perfector which are
    - imperfections look blurred
    - a natural glow
    - fresh feel
    - compliments skin tone
    - hydrates
    - protects with SPF 30
    - oil free , non greasy

    Could this be the miracle cream that has a appeared like magic through my letter box, I don't know but I'm willing to give it a go.

    I'm planning to use this cream for the next 3 days and finally review it on the final day.

    So that's all I can say for now about this item.

    If anyone has tried it or uses it now I would be intrigued to know how you feel about this item....

    Thanks for reading.

    Nail Challenge Day 6.Glitter

    I enjoyed this challenge so much as there's nothing I love more than glitter.

    I used George quick dry nail varnish in rain cloud as a base colour then applied a top coat, selected my favourite glitter colours and sponged them onto my nails.Followed by another coat of top coat to seal the glitter in.

    Day 8 Challenge is Neon

    If anyone wishes to take part in the nail challenge they are more than welcome.
    Email me your pictures to necessaryaddiction@gmail.com and all pictures will be featured on my blog remember to include your name or blog address so I can credit your pictures.

    Thank you for reading.

    Nail Challenge Day 5.Nude

    This challenge was a bit of a mix and match effort as I don't have any nude colours, so I used Revlon White as a base colour then one coat of Boujois New York which is a light pink colour.

    Day 6 challenge is glitter

    If anyone wishes to take part in the nail challenge they are more than welcome.
    Email me your pictures to necessaryaddiction@gmail.com and all pictures will be featured on my blog remember to include your name or blog address so I can credit your pictures.

    Thank you for reading.

    Friday, 24 August 2012

    Autumn Chic

    Move over summer, Autumns on its way.

    As much as I love summer, the fashion gets me down. Short shorts, short dresses, short tops etc...etc... and I thing I don't have is the figure to carry these looks off being a "big girl"...lol.

    I can truly say I am so excited for Autumn and Winter to come, because its all about layering and feeling warm and cosy but still looking fashionable.


    I absolutely love this look and its so chic but unfortunately way over my budget so I have found pieces similar to recreate this autumn look for less.

    H & M £12.99
    ASDA £14
    SHOEZONE £16.99
    H & M £24.99

    ASDA £5
    H £ M £4.99
    H & M £24.99

    To put this look together it costs just over £100, but you do get some lovely pieces that can be mixed and matched over the coming months and get plenty of wear from them.

    Thank you for reading.

    The case of the disappearing ideas.....

    Since I have been blogging I have become increasingly frustrated with my brain.
    I have found more and more often that brilliant ideas come to me at the randomist of times and those times are normally when I am least prepared.
    Now whether that is because I am a mother to a 5 yr old and a 18 month old and that most the time I can barely hear myself speak let alone think I don't know.

    For instance I had a great idea whilst I was in the bath and the ideas kept flowing, until it came to me actually forming them into something material and I couldn't remember for the life of me what they were.
    They were probably the best ideas Ive ever had and now they've gone like the steam in my bath....evaporated!

    Now I have succumbed to walking around with a notebook and pen in case I get caught short as it were.
    I find myself wittering on to myself , scribbling madly into my little book of nonsense like a crazy person.
    Like now for example its 1.50am in the morning and I find myself wide awake writing this down to be formed into a post at a later date.

    Anyway I put it down to baby brain, but I gleefully announce I am having the time of my life creatively and my brain hasn't worked this hard in a long time time, and that can only be a good thing....right?

    Wednesday, 22 August 2012

    Nail Challenge Day 4.Galaxy

    I really wanted to title this post Galaxy dilema, never has painting my nails got me so worked up before, because Galaxy is such a beautiful design and I hadn't got a clue where to start.
    After hours of research on YouTube looking for the best tutorial video I thought I had found it.

    A gorgeous but seemingly straight forward video by cutepolish.I watched the video countless times, discussed tactics with my hubby, decided on colours and pretty much thought I had it in the bag.

    So today I laid out all the equipment I would need.
    Black, white, yellow and pink polish, make up sponge, cocktail stick, tweezers, glitter polish and top coat, wished myself luck and began.

    That's when I hit a brick wall, I had seriously under estimated what needed to be done, with a quick watch of the video again I carried on.

    By the time I had finished I hated what I had done and the amount of time I had wasted on a rubbish design.

    Now don't get me wrong the cutepolish video is highly instructive and her nail art abilities are fabulous, it just wasn't something I could pull off, plus my version of the colours just didn't work.

    Back on to YouTube I went searching again for some inspiration and I found it, in the form of missjenfabulous. A lovely bubbly American lady and author of the blog polishandpearls.com.

    Her approach to the Galaxy design was so simple but effective I just had to have a go.

    I am overjoyed with the results, the colours work so well together(well my version of them anyway)with a bit of artistic license I chose blue, purple, grey and white, in my opinion it looks more like the galaxy I have envisioned and so much more time efficient. Taking away drying time the design was completed within about 10 minutes.

    I actually can't wait for the 15 day challenge to finish so I can do a full manicure of the simple galaxy design.

    Day 5 Challenge is Nude

    If anyone wishes to take part in the nail challenge they are more than welcome.
    Email me your pictures to necessaryaddiction@gmail.com and all pictures will be featured on my blog remember to include your name or blog address so I can credit your pictures.

    Thank you for reading

    Tuesday, 21 August 2012

    Big Dreams, Little Budget

    I love my little 2 bedroom flat with a passion and don't want to move but unfortunately with 2 small children of the opposite sex eventually that day will come. Even so I still want it to look as lovely as possible until the dreaded day arrives.

    When I moved in 4 years ago Black and White was very in fashion for interiors and I kind of went black and white crazy, seeing that it was my own place for the very first time I was free to do what I liked and I did....
    black and white bedroom, black and white bathroom, black and white living room and of course black and white kitchen with the obligatory pink for my daughter(her choice not mine).

    Over time I have slowly made my way around the flat changing colour schemes, money allowing.

    Now it is time to do the kitchen but due to my lack of patience the budget was damn near invisible.
    I was torn between paint or paper, with a vague idea in mind I visited my local Homebase for inspiration.
    Something pastel was what I had in mind but pink, lilac, yellow, mint green I just couldn't decide.

    Whilst scouring the aisles waiting for something to jump out at me, the reduced section caught my eye(well I am a bargain hunter after all) and there it was the perfect colour. The tin unfortunately looked a little worse for wear and the lid wasn't shut properly but when the lovely lady on customer services checked it for me it was a full tin.The colour was just what I wanted and the price even better. For a 1.5 litre tin of Homebase  Home of Colour paint aptly named Candy Floss it was sold and the fact that I had got £13.99 taken off the price I was over the moon.

    Candy Floss Walls with Cupcake canvases.
    Picture quality is horrendous-sorry

    Given that my kitchen is only roughly 15ft square the opportunity to buy loads of accessories is not necessary, so some pictures to break up the pink was all it needed. These cupcake canvases were £4.00 for the set of 3 from B & M Homestores.

    Rattan light shade

    To add a bit more light to the room I bought a new light shade in a woven rattan material in a lovely teal colour.This was also from  B & M Homestores and cost a mere £3.99 and that was where the spending finished, apart from a couple of new pillar candles to go into my bird cages I was done.

    I'm not exactly thrifty but I do have my moments.

    Rather than throw away the ratty old pin board I have had since I moved out of the family home 12 years ago and because the black and white New York cityscape didn't suit the new colour scheme, I had a brain wave, I would give it a make over.

    Revamped pin board

    Using a unwanted tester pot of apple green paint that was just lying in the cupboard under the sink, I did one fine coat on the frame allowing the wood grain to still be visible. I then covered the old New York scene with some pretty craft paper keeping to the cupcake theme to match the pictures, and that was it I was done.
    Don't get me wrong it isn't perfect but I'm pleased with it and it saved a few pennies.

    All in all I managed to decorate my little dark kitchen for less than £20, and if I must say so myself that is a result.

     Thank you for reading.

    Nail Challenge Day 3.Chic.

    Day 3 of the 15 day nail challenge is chic and to be honest the subject really had me stumped.
    Do I just do a french manicure or just a neutral colour, but I find both incredibly boring and quite frankly thats just not my style.

    So, I had a think and came up with my very own version of chic....wether its right or wrong I dont know.


    Firstly I was sick and tired of painting my own stubby nails so at 10pm last night I got my kit out and went back to extensions.

    I used Revlon Nail Enamel White and a silver top coat, added a black and diamante bow to my ring finger.

    To get the black line nice and fine I thought i would try something new, a Sharpie Marker with a fine point in black and it worked really well.
    I then finished the look off with  a touch of silver glitter over the black lines using a nail art brush and small half pearls and light pink gems.


    Day 4 Challenge is Galaxy

    If anyone wishes to take part in the nail challenge they are more than welcome.
    Email me your pictures to necessaryaddiction@gmail.com and all pictures will be featured on my blog remember to include your name or blog address so I can credit your pictures.

    Thank you for reading