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Monday, 13 August 2012

Back To Black

Whilst ordering my daughters school uniform on the Asda George site I decided to peruse the ladies section, as you do.
Don't know if it's just me but due to a certain sporting event and having to watch toned skimpily clad Olympians over the last 2 weeks I've felt fat,frumpy and old fashioned so to suit my mood I've gone back to black.

During this shopping adventure I ending up with 4 pieces in my basket although it could have been many many more.....

Moda Black Bootcut Jeggings £12.00

I have been scouring for a decent smart pair of trousers/jeans forever with no luck.i wanted a pair of casual but smart trousers that didn't give the impression I had just stepped out the office(nothing worse than cheap nylon trousers).
I was dubious about buying these as I hate to be disappointed and there's nothing worse than when an item has to be sent back.....I WANT IT NOW & AND IT MUST FIT...but as it happens these were perfect if a little long but that is never an issue as I'm used to dealing with too long a leg being only 4"11.lol
The Jeggings are 74% cotton so they have a heavy consistence to them which probably makes them the best kind of Jeggings I've come across.The cut of the leg is fitted I wouldn't say drain pipe but not far off,and I was pleased that these trousers are very flattering making my legs look longer and slimmer.

G21 Ombré Jumper Black £9.00

This purchase was the classic situation of "well I've already got it in a different colour,why the hell not".

I found this item in the clearance section reduced from £15.00 down to £9.00 and as I already had the Orange fade colour I didn't need to hesitate.

Moda Striped Black and White Top £9.00

Wasn't sure what to expect when this top arrived,but I was very pleased when I got it on.
Lovely light material with modest scooped neckline,but my favourite part of this top is the longer back,which is useful for people like me that are paranoid about my big bottom on show, and very flattering.
Not much else to say about this just a general good all rounder,although this was in the last chance to buy section so not so many sizes left.

Zip Pocket Jersey Top £6.00

This was in the New In section.

It is a nice plain soft tshirt with an elasticated hem so can be worn as high or low on the waist as desired.
The pocket with the zip detail caught my eye and makes a plain top look just that bit more interesting.

Also available in other colours.

Overall I was very pleased with all the items and thankfully none had to be returned which made me a happy bunny indeed....

Thank you for taking the time to read my first review.
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  1. Hi Kerri!! :)
    Your Back in Black collection is adorable. I really like the items mabye I can find some similar to them over here in the states. The only top I wouldn't wear is the striped one. I have big boobies and a striped top will make them look even bigger :P can't have everyone staring at my breast haha. Thanks for sharing !
    CK (@corinnakey)

  2. hi thanks for the comment.i really am grateful.

    i have big boobs too and i wouldnt say they make them look any bigger and they are definately not popping out of the neckline....i asked phil for his opinion and he said they dont but he is a man after all.....lol



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