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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Big Dreams, Little Budget

I love my little 2 bedroom flat with a passion and don't want to move but unfortunately with 2 small children of the opposite sex eventually that day will come. Even so I still want it to look as lovely as possible until the dreaded day arrives.

When I moved in 4 years ago Black and White was very in fashion for interiors and I kind of went black and white crazy, seeing that it was my own place for the very first time I was free to do what I liked and I did....
black and white bedroom, black and white bathroom, black and white living room and of course black and white kitchen with the obligatory pink for my daughter(her choice not mine).

Over time I have slowly made my way around the flat changing colour schemes, money allowing.

Now it is time to do the kitchen but due to my lack of patience the budget was damn near invisible.
I was torn between paint or paper, with a vague idea in mind I visited my local Homebase for inspiration.
Something pastel was what I had in mind but pink, lilac, yellow, mint green I just couldn't decide.

Whilst scouring the aisles waiting for something to jump out at me, the reduced section caught my eye(well I am a bargain hunter after all) and there it was the perfect colour. The tin unfortunately looked a little worse for wear and the lid wasn't shut properly but when the lovely lady on customer services checked it for me it was a full tin.The colour was just what I wanted and the price even better. For a 1.5 litre tin of Homebase  Home of Colour paint aptly named Candy Floss it was sold and the fact that I had got £13.99 taken off the price I was over the moon.

Candy Floss Walls with Cupcake canvases.
Picture quality is horrendous-sorry

Given that my kitchen is only roughly 15ft square the opportunity to buy loads of accessories is not necessary, so some pictures to break up the pink was all it needed. These cupcake canvases were £4.00 for the set of 3 from B & M Homestores.

Rattan light shade

To add a bit more light to the room I bought a new light shade in a woven rattan material in a lovely teal colour.This was also from  B & M Homestores and cost a mere £3.99 and that was where the spending finished, apart from a couple of new pillar candles to go into my bird cages I was done.

I'm not exactly thrifty but I do have my moments.

Rather than throw away the ratty old pin board I have had since I moved out of the family home 12 years ago and because the black and white New York cityscape didn't suit the new colour scheme, I had a brain wave, I would give it a make over.

Revamped pin board

Using a unwanted tester pot of apple green paint that was just lying in the cupboard under the sink, I did one fine coat on the frame allowing the wood grain to still be visible. I then covered the old New York scene with some pretty craft paper keeping to the cupcake theme to match the pictures, and that was it I was done.
Don't get me wrong it isn't perfect but I'm pleased with it and it saved a few pennies.

All in all I managed to decorate my little dark kitchen for less than £20, and if I must say so myself that is a result.

 Thank you for reading.

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