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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Cosmetics Fairy Buys Nail Varnishes & Accessories

None of the nail varnishes below have been used on my natural nails yet, but i have done a tester of each on a false nail so results may differ slightly.

L'Oreal Nail Polish
Yellow Seahorse 99p

 Pretty colour yellow that sparkles when the sunlight catches it.
Needed at least 4 coats to cover the false nail as coverage wasn't great due to it being quite thick, so drying time was longer than normal.

L'Oreal Nail Varnish
Stroke of Midnight 99p

This polish was the most disappointing of all the ones i had bought.
Its a lovely deep red colour in the bottle, but coverage was shocking, really patchy and would cover the nail in  uneven strokes.
I have a similar colour by Bourjois called Cerise Noir , so if i was pushed to pick one it would be the Bourjois.
It will still get used at some point and hope it coats easier on natural nails.

Jesse's Girl Nail Colour
Cupcake Frosting 65p

This is a pretty pink varnish but nothing that would blow my socks off.
Covers well and drying time was good
Pretty average.

No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour
Elixir 99p

This is my star buy from Cosmetics Fairy.
I love the colour, gorgeous burnished brown with subtle undertones of  mahogany red.
Easy to apply, coats so well and drying time was great.
I have only got one other No7 and i find it hit or miss,but very pleased with this item.
Definately going to check to see if any more No7 varnishes are available.

Collection 2000
2-1 Top Coat and Gloss Enhancer with Nylon £1.25

This topcoat is slightly more expensive than everything else but i was looking for a replacement top coat anyway.
I used this top coat on all the tester nails I have already talked about and it seemed to make them slightly more glossy.
Will have more idea when next used on my natural nails.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

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