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Monday, 27 August 2012

Nail Challenge Day 9.Red

Red is probably one of my favourite nail colours so there was no hesitation what so ever for today's challenge.

Although I did want to have a little fun with it, it seemed like cheating to just paint my nails and leave it at that. It is supposed to be a challenge after all!!

So I paid homage to my favourite red nail varnish OPI Big Red Apple, by doing a feature nail with of course a big red apple on it.The green nail was done with Barry M's Emerald then used a selection of nail art pens to create the apple. Doesn't it look so cute....

OPI Big Red Apple & Barry M's Emerald

Day 10 nail Challenge is Gradient

If anyone wishes to take part in the nail challenge they are more than welcome.
Email me your pictures to necessaryaddiction@gmail.com and all pictures will be featured on my blog remember to include your name or blog address so I can credit your pictures.

Thank you for reading.


  1. That looks amazing, very impressed! I have a question for you, I’m going on a little shopping trip tomorrow. I want to get some autumn/winter nail colours I was a massive fan of BarryM Mushroom last year, any suggestions for colours??

  2. hi.thanks for leaving a comment.

    I don't generally use a lot of Barry m products but the colours I do like and think are perfect for autumn are:
    Brit red 262
    tangerine 136
    dusky mauve

    punch colours are best for autumn I think but then neutral colours like the cappuccino could be glammed up with glitter, gems, studs or art.

    hope this helps.let me know if you need anything else.x

  3. What a luscious and gorgeous red! The apple nail is really well done as well - the emerald base is so pretty :)

    1. Thank you, its my favourite red and its only a mini so god help me the day I runs out.lol


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