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Monday, 13 August 2012

Post Olympic Health Kick

Well the Olympics are well and truly over now but the images of well groomed well maintained sports men and sports woman are still vivid in my memory....

So I've come to a rather startling conclusion.I'm putting my whole family on a diet............
...........I was on a diet and was doing really well but was shocked and frustrated to find I had put back on 6Ib in the time it took for our marvellous country to host the Olympics....bad isn't it!!

The reality of my decision didn't kick in until I was doing my Internet grocery shop and I realised that it wasn't as much fun as it normally is.

My basket was jam packed with fruit and healthy food galore(apart from one lone pack of chocolate eclairs but that's our little secret!!) and the temptation to load up with treats for the kiddies was overwhelming.

I do normally make sure there's a supply of fresh fruit and veg in the house but obviously it's just not quite enough...I'm a night eater and have absolutely no will power when it comes to naughty treats.

I'm kidding myself if I imagine that me and my partner are going to be the Ennis & Hoy of the town but a few pounds off here and there will be well worth it.

Just have to see how imaginative I feel when the tonne of fruit I've ordered turns up on Tuesday.

Wish me luck!!!

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