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Sunday, 12 August 2012

small reasons why...

i have set this blog up to talk about the many impulsive and what i deem necessary purchases I make in my life...and one thing I definitely am is addicted(not to the point of selling my granny to get what I want) but addicted to spending and addicted to buying all the things that make me...well me but within reason.

There's also a catch.......

.............I'm NOT a label junkie!!

I like the satisfaction of getting a bargain and one thing I do know is my limit.
I have 2 small children and they come first but my life definately has not stopped because I'm a mother.

All the items I will talk about in the future will be either from retail stores or
from Internet companies like eBay...and I can safely say it will be to a budget...

Hope you like all the things to come...and feel free to comment where you see fit.

Happy Reading.

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