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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Things i couldnt live without....

Alex & Wynter

First and the most important element of my life is my children.
In my late teens, early twenties i was in the mentality of not wanting children and not liking them particularly very much.
Until i fell pregnant at the age of 27. Now 5 years on I have a girl and a boy,and with every passing day i become a better mother.
They are my angels.

The love a good man.
Not very pro fem i know but I'm not very traditional either.
I am an equal to my partner, and wish for the same in return, and luckily it seems to be working for now.lol 

My memories. For the good times and bad.

My iphone is my life line to everything.God knows what i did previous to having one. I can safely say i am obsessed with the thing. It is the last thing i check at night and the first thing in my hand in the morning.

Make up is a addiction, i crave it, want it and need it....lots and lots and lots of it.
If my make up bag isn't on the verge of bursting, I'm not happy but on the flip side i still remain fussy about what i put on my face and can fall out of love with something as quickly as i fell in love with it.

My nail varnish draw (yes i have a kitchen draw solely for my nail varnish collection) is my sanctuary.
The endless colour ways, accessories and hours that can be consumed doing my passion is what keeps me sane.

My endless addiction to bargain sites....

My ability to live, love and laugh.
If it wasn't for my wicked sense of humour and my witty use of sarcasm life would be very dull indeed.

Candle light is the best way to relax at the end of a frantic day with the kids.

I don't get many but when i do i love a good "lie in".


My hairdresser, if my hair is desperate for a cut it definately brings down my mood and my ability to play with my hair colour...nothing more boring in life than being a dull brunette.

Chocolate is the best treat i could have to cheer myself up.If its not a delicious creamy cup of hot chocolate then ile settle for my favourite bar of milk chocolate.

Nothing more heart warming on a cold winter night but to be cosy inside wrapped up in a blanket with the heating on.

This is a work in progress......

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