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Monday, 20 August 2012

Wet N Wild Sapphire Eyeshadow

Ive had lots of fabulous things delivered lately, but have had no free time to try them. So, this afternoon I demanded an hour to myself, had a lovely long soak in the bath and a bit of a mini pamper.

I thought I would give one of my new products a try.

Wet N Wild Ultimate Minerals Loose Eyeshadow in a gorgeous Sapphire blue colour, as this was for a day look and the sapphire is such a punchy  colour I defused it with other very pale colours.

Here's how I did.....

After putting my base make up on and filling in my eyebrows I was ready to give it a go.

I started by applying H & M Pearl Dust to the whole of my eye with a medium/wide brush.

Next I applied the sapphire onto my lid starting from the edge of my lashes up to the edge of my eye socket.

With a small/medium brush I then blended the eyeshadow to soften the line, I didn't want to use the bottles applicator because I'm not a big fan of sponge applicators and because it is so saturated with colour it would just add more colour.

Continuing on with the same brush I chose a sparkling baby pink to make the highest point of the sapphire look less defined without defusing the colour to much.

Final stage of the blending was to return back to the larger brush and doing one more fine coat of H & M Pearl Dust over my entire eye.

Finished off this look with a heavy coating of black eyeliner and two coats of mascara and then I was done.

Voila...the final result.

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  1. It looks amazing on you but I'm scared of bold eyeshadow! It never turns out how I want it to!

    1. hi.thank you for the lovely comment.firstly don't be scared to try new things.experiment in your bedroom with colours you like but are unsure of what the results will be.if you hate it wipe it off and start again.know one will know!!! lol.

      luckily for me my mother is a glamour puss do I learned from an early age on how to apply make up right, but I still get it wrong and there are colours in still experimenting with that I thought wouldn't look good but I love.like purple for instance.may do that tomorrow for you to see...lol.what do you think???


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