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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Is it bedtime yet...

Had a serious bad day today, and my mojo is on an all time low.

From the minute my eyes flew open at 6am this morning because of my little boy crying I knew I was in for a bad one.

My Internet shop was late, had an important meeting with estate management regarding the business and my little man was over tired so acting like a monster. All I really wanted to do was veg on the sofa with a cup of tea.

Seriously harassed mommy today, the hair is normally a clue as to what kind of day I'm having....

Perfectly done = Good day                     
Sticking out in every direction = Bad day

Part of my bad mood stems from not getting what I want , when I want it...namely gorgeous little gifts that I had treated myself too that haven't shown up yet??? As soon as my postman pushed that one measly letter through my letter box, my day got even worse, I had to force myself to not rush to my balcony and hurl abuse at him as he walked back up the path...pffft!!

Finally I have the peace I have so desperately wanted all day, kids in bed and other half out for the evening....and I just cant be bothered to move....chipped nails and bushy eyebrows included...lol

So hopefully I can pass it off as just the bad day that everyone gets every now and then, get some sleep and hopefully wake up in a better mood tomorrow.




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