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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Little bit of tender loving care.

One thing I don't get enough of is sleep, this is caused by many reasons.
My children, my anxiety, general stress of life and having an over active mind during the quiet times, so on average I get around 4 hours sleep a night.

Due to this I suffer from incredibly dark circles and minor puffiness under my eyes. Even though I have suffered from this problem for years I have never brought any treatments to try to lessen the problem, solely relying on concealers to cover the dark marks.
Due to one reason or another I have started to wear less and less make up.So it became time I tried a eye treatment instead.

I chose Pure Cucumber and Caffeine eye roll-on manufactured by Sublyme Cosmetics.This retails for £1.99.

I chose this item because the packaging is striking in the respect it has a very modern look and looks like a quality brand.I also have used Pure products before so saw no reason to not give this a try.

The formula is enriched with cucumber extract and caffeine to help soothe and stimulate tired skin under the eyes and reduce the appearance of under eye bags.It also includes Vitamin E which is vital in helping to ease inflammation, keeping the skin smooth and soft whilst protecting skin tone.

Using the roller ball to gently massage the formula in to the skin under the eye to encourage drainage of fluids that cause puffiness and refresh tired eyes.

The formula itself is a fragrance free clear liquid that has a cooling sensation when applied,  I would probably keep this item in the fridge to keep it at a low temperature. Over the course of the application I could feel the skin under my eyes firming up, I agree it reduces puffiness although after a couple of applications there are still dark marks under my eyes.

Only time will tell if it reduces them to such a degree for them not to be noticeable.

Thank you for reading

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