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Monday, 10 September 2012

Moving Day

As I have said before my nail varnishes and accessories currently live in a draw in the kitchen but it is far too much hassle sorting through them just to find a specific bottle or pot of gems.

So I have done 2 things, I have moved them to my bedroom and now have there own shelf to bask in fabulous glory and I had a fun evening last night being a bit crafty decorating a tin for all the tools and accessories I have.

I starting off by scouting the top of my kitchen cupboards for the perfect sized tin, the type that you think you will save just in case and they only generally get used for school fete offerings.lol. Well for once they actually came in useful and was the perfect size and shape.

Other brands are available.lol

I decided to have a go at painting and blinging it up about as a mini roll box just isn't cool.
First I used a normal emulsion to paint over the design, leaving the shoulder plain metal as it looks effective.
Once that had dried I used a black gloss paint suitable for metal and gave each side 2 coats.

Once this had dried I began to build up my design, I chose the Galaxy design, as I think it looks so pretty and relevant to what the tin will be used for.
I used grey, white, purple and blue paints, and generous helping of glitter,
Then using large gems to decorate the edge of the design.

I then filled it with everything I use that normally get lost.

 Finally I was ready to put everything in place but one thing I definately have realised is that I don't have just enough bottles on that shelf yet.

Thank you for reading

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