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Thursday, 6 September 2012


Well it came to that time again when my extensions had to come off to give my natural nails a breather and a little pamper

I took this opportunity to try my new polishes I had purchased recently and already spoke of on my blog.

I started off with Bourjois No 28 which is a dark gunmetal grey, nice colour but a little dull so I decided to have a play with 2 other polishes I have not used properly yet even though I have had them a while.

I used sally Hansen HD Nail Colours in Laser which is a sparkly blue and LCD which is a sparkly pink. Both have a considerably thin consistency so if they were used alone they could almost be wishy washy but with the grey underneath it definately makes them pop and I love the way they sparkle and change colour in the sunlight, almost iridescent which unfortunately doesn't show up so well in the picture.

Simple but definately effective.

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  1. Perfect nails! Like the colours! : )

  2. I can rememeber having to take my nails off because thy were soar. Iv lasted 2 years now. An my nails are finally healthy. Iv followed yu please follow back Shazenax.blogspot.com x

    1. I hate my natural nails, they don't grow well so I can only manage a week or do before they are back on again :)


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