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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Well worth the wait.

Make up brushes is something I don't actually have many of. Currently I am managing with One large blusher brush for powder and bronzer and 2 eyeshadow brushes as I'm not a fan of sponge applicators so they go straight in the bin.

It become apparent I needed some more but as usual I didn't have a massive budget.
There are some gorgeous brushes on the market at the moment and could have easily spent big bucks on a fab set but couldn't...because of this I found myself searching through pages and pages of brushes on eBay and think I found the perfect set for me.

ecoTools Bamboo brushes have had rave reviews from what I have seen, with a price range from £6 - £19.99 for a 6 piece set depending on where you shop but couldn't warrant spending that kind of money, instead I found a cheap set from a store in china that was selling exactly what I wanted for £3.98 with free p&p. The only down side to that was the bloody long wait to get my hands on them.

Eventually they arrived and I love them, which is always good...lol

ecoTools sell themselves as a earth friendly beauty tools and that's one thing I think is fab about them, from the highly sustainable bamboo handles, 100% cruelty free bristles, natural cotton brush roll and even the packaging it comes in can be reused for other things.

In the set is everything you need for a basic but well made set of brushes, as there's nothing more annoying than stray bristles sticking to your face.

The set includes:

  • Concealing Brush
  • Blush Brush
  • Eye Shading Brush
  • Eyeliner Brush
  • Lash and Brow Groomer
  • Cosmetic Brush Roll 

The brushes have a nice weight to them and the bristles are so so soft considering they are made from a synthetic material as some brushes can be incredibly prickily on the skin.

Highly recommend these brushes.

Thank you for reading

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