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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Who needs flat packed anyway?

 It feels like forever since my last post but this week has been hellish what with builders ripping my apartment complex to pieces and generally making a nuisance of themselves, on top of that being my "time of the month" and generally feeling lethargic and grouchy. I could have quite easily curled up in a ball and died....but now I'm back on the ball (hopefully) and have got some serious catching up to do.

So here goes..........

I have never been particularly girly, yes I like playing with make up, nail accessories and clothes to an extent but that's about as girly as it gets.

Excluding all of that there is one thing I've been wishing for, for so long and that is a old fashioned dressing table.One with big mirrors, draws and compartments.

Up until a few days ago that desire was kind of just simmering in the back of my mind.That was until I dismantled my sons cot that was taking up considerable room in my bedroom.
Suddenly there was a huge gap that was crying out to be filled and the need for a dresser was over whelming.

I had no idea what kind of style I wanted, I just knew i wanted one and pronto!!

Armed with a reasonably sized budget and a open mind I started having a look around on various sites late one night when I couldn't sleep.

I found a gorgeous one that was in my area on eBay that didn't have long left and was currently at a stupidly low price of £1.02. That's where I came across a dilemma.It was collection only and I don't have a car.I thought my friend wouldn't appreciate a text at 2am in the morning begging a favour, so with a heavy heart I passed it off.

By the time morning came curiosity had got the better of me, back onto eBay I went expecting the price to have rocketed way over my budget.
I was surprised to see it still at the low price and with 2 hours left on the auction, so after a few hurried conversations and phone calls to borrow a car the decision was made to put a bid on it.

I kind of did everything arse about face as per usual, soon after I bid on it I started worrying it would be way to big to fit in the car.
I emailed the seller to get the dimensions and passed them onto my friend, and of course I got the answer I was dreading. It was too big!!!

I honestly thought I was going to have to detract my bid, until my friend had a brain wave.Ask the seller if I payed their petrol would they deliver it and they said they would as they only lived 10 minutes away from me.

The only other thing I had to contend with was actually winning the damn thing.
As the auction got closer and closer to finishing I kept hiking up my bid thinking that a big bid would be put on it at the last minute and i would loose it.

Much to my surprise I won it, and not only did I win it but I got the biggest bargain of my life.

The final price I paid for it was £1.24, so including the petrol costs I paid a grand total if £11.24.

So let me tell you about it, it's a 1960's handmade art deco walnut veneer solid wood dresser with 3 independently moving mirrors. It has 4 large draws and a smaller draw compartment on the top.

After a little TLC it has a gorgeous shine and for the age of the dresser it's in fab condition so has been well looked after. The only down side is the mirrors are showing age spots so I am currently looking for ways to repair them (any ideas most welcome) or at a later date to replace them entirely.

I think I could really get into buying old furniture now as there are some real gems out there going unseen. and for ridiculous amounts of money.

Now I just need to decide what I'm going to fill it with.....

Thank you for reading.


  1. It's gorgeous! And sounds like you got it at a good price:)

    1. Thank you :) yes it was a very good price, works out about $2 in USD just for the dresser the $18 including petrol costs.lol


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