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Thursday, 31 January 2013

NOTD - Princess Nails

Just a quick nail of the day post of my current nails.

I used Wet N Wild Strawberry Shake, Models Own Snow White and Hedy's Manishma Silver Space.

I added silver holographic loose glitter pieces and a large clear gem.

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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Graze Health Kick

As part of my New Years resolutions I have put myself on a diet and set myself some goals.

One of those goals was to sign up to graze and start getting their healthy snack boxes sent direct to my door as i am such a junk lover.

I have heard alot about them through blogger and the press so I didn't think I could fail this goal.

Guess what??? They are fab, so fab in fact my other half signed himself up for them too...lol


The boxes are so cute and quirky, all biodegradable and recyclable, plus lots of fun to have pushed through your letter box. 

As I signed up with a code I came across on Twitter, I received a fantastic offer of my 1st and 5th boxes being free.

The fantastic thing about graze is that you can pick and choose the items you wish to receive or bin the things you are not so keen on (wish i knew that first!!), and I'm really fussy so that is a big fat bonus.

When my box arrived everything looked delicious although slightly not to my taste....


The slightly sweet popcorn was really good fun as you pop it yourself in the microwave and that was something I had never done before.

The apple cosmo was off my list unfortunately as I don't like dried fruit which contained lime infused raisins, cranberries and apple, although my little boy enjoyed tucking into that one.


The tomato dipintti was stolen off me by my other half, cheeky beggar so that is going on the send soon list as I missed out on a taste of that.

My absolute favourite was the honeycomb flapjack, 3 small morsel's of heaven.
If i could just have 4 of those every time I would be more than happy...lol

sorry picture is poor.taken whilst in a chocolate frenzy..lol

The best thing about graze boxes is the price.
Just £3.98 a box that includes P&P which is just great!!

If you haven't given graze boxes a trail run, I definitely recommend you do.

One thing I do know is you wont regrett it.

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Weekly Make Up Tag - Marilyn Monroe

OK so I'm running a bit behind with this tag seeing as i have just finished this weeks look but here goes...

This weeks theme is Marilyn Monroe

I really didn't feel I could do this weeks theme any justice as Marilyn Monroe is such a world wide icon.

The main feature's I chose to concentrate on were the shocking red lips and beauty spot.

 Next weeks theme is Zodiac

To find out more about the weekly make up tag either go to Aqueela's blog here or drop her a tweet on twitter @Aqeeka_k using  #weeklymakeuptag.

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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

OK, If You Insist!!

The only thing I am looking forward to whilst being on this 100 day spending ban is presents...hopefully lots and lots of presents.

Im hoping my boyfriend understands just how hard it is to be good and takes pity on me...lol

Just like Saturday........I saw this beautiful handmade tiger tail bracelet whilst on a day out with my boyfriend and son.

I obviously did the right thing and walked away but my boyfriend did the right thing and bought it for me!!

I'm not going to blather on about it,
Simply let the pictures do the talking.....

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Get Fit And Feel Epic- A new me (hopefully)

I have been meaning to put myself on a diet for a long time, and always managed to come up with a hundred excuses as to why it should always be put off till tomorrow.......until I came across a post by the lovely Sandra author of  The Black Pearl blog.

Sandra is running a fantastic competition aptly named "Get Fit, Feel Epic" sponsored by moneysupermarket.com to win these fantastic fitness and diet tools.

Suddenly I felt inspired and I'm not afraid to say very much ashamed of myself.

Let me tell you why, I never realised what my terrible diet was doing to my financial situation or lack of it.(Exactly!!)

I have been quite naive in respect of poor diet = poor bank balance.

I found the tool that gave me the kick up the backside I needed for a long time, and its really rather easy to use.
You simply put in how many times you actually indulge in Cigarettes, Alcohol and Fast Food a week, then you put how many times you would prefer to indulge in these things and it works out how much you do spend in a year and how much you would save in a year if you stick to your preferred numbers.

This is where the shocker comes in, when I put all my figures in it told me I can save a massive £1350 a year...that is crazy.

I spend a ridiculous £2588 a year on things that are bad for me, now I'm not stupid I don't expect to completely stop having my indulgences, I have simply reduced the number some what.

Think what I could do with a spare grand......

You can find this excellent calculator here

So finally I had to have a sit down and have a serious discussion with myself.

I have my first family holiday coming up in April, the first in 3 years and wish to drop a dress size or two for it so I have used that as a manageable goal for now. I have decided I want to loose 2 stones in 3 months which I hope is realistic for my situation.

These are the guidelines I have set out for myself:

* Eat breakfast everyday
* Cut out all fizzy drinks
* Drink at least 8 glasses of water or no added sugar juices a day.
* Do at least 1 session of yoga for beginners a day.
* Start to use my EA Sports Active 2 Personal Trainer for PlayStation 3 at least 3 times a week.
* Remove all junk from my diet. Chocolate, Sweets and Crisps, but allow myself one sin day a       week(without going mad).
* Start counting calories and stick to recommended daily amounts.
* Sign up for Graze Boxes for nutritional snacks
And the final one which is a biggy is:

* Start to believe in myself - I CAN DO IT!!!

So I just wanted to say a big Thank You to Sandra for opening my eyes a making me realise just how silly I have been for a very long time.

I'm hoping not only will I have a healthier 2013 but also a richer 2013.

Thank you for reading.


Thursday, 3 January 2013

Weekly Make Up Tag - Smokey Eyes

Well its been a while since I took part in the weekly make up tag, due to illness and lack of time so its about time I got back on the horse so to speak...lol...also after a cheeky nudge off the lovely Aqeela who runs the make up tag :)

This weeks theme was Smoky Eyes

To achieve this look I used:


- Maybelline Mineral Power Foundation in Natural Ivory
- MUA Pressed powder in Shade 1
- MUA Blusher in Shade 1
- Vital Radiance Brow Fill-In Powder in 06Dark Brown


- Maybelline Master Drama Khol Liner( well blended)
- Natural Botanical in Thistle
- MUA Extreme Volume Mascara


- Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in Crush
- MUA Lip Boom in Cheeky(gloss only)

Next weeks make up tag theme is the beautiful Marilyn Monroe.

To find out more about the weekly make up tag either go to Aqueela's blog here or drop her a tweet on twitter @Aqeeka_k using  #weeklymakeuptag.

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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

NOTD - New Years Eve Celebrations

This NOTD post is for my New Years Eve Design.

I had received some Elegant Touch Nail Envy Bling Wraps in Silver Droplets for Christmas, as I have never used nail wraps before I decided to give them a try.

I found them quiet easy to use, All you need to do is use a base coat prior to putting them on, then a top coat to seal them in place.

I used Models Own Red Alert on my middle finger,adding silver glitter and a clear gem for sparkle.

The Elegant Touch nail wraps can last up to 5 days.
Overall I was happy with them so will more than likely be buying them in the future.

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Secret Santa 2012

I recently took part in a beauty Secret Santa, I was paired with the lovely Clara from countess de blush

This is what I received in my package.

Rimmel Glam'Eyes 001 Over The Limit
Black Radiance Complexion Perfection

From Left To Right
Pure Ice - Busted
Pure Ice - Mint Dream
OPI - Black Shatter
Barry M - Dusky Mauve

La Rouche-Posay 3ml sample - Physiological Ultra-fine Scrub
Lacoste 2ml sample - Touch Of Pink


And as a added touch of fun to my package she included a cute Disney Mickey Aerial Topper blinged out to the max in blue and silver glitter.

I think I was lucky to receive items I have never tried before, the one item I was excited to give a try was the Black Radiance Complexion Perfection Shine Control Primer as I have never used a primer up until now, and I think it may stay on my to buy list as I am happy with the overall results I have had with using this product.

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Happy New Year

Just want to wish all my followers and readers hope, love and happiness for the New Year.