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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Graze Health Kick

As part of my New Years resolutions I have put myself on a diet and set myself some goals.

One of those goals was to sign up to graze and start getting their healthy snack boxes sent direct to my door as i am such a junk lover.

I have heard alot about them through blogger and the press so I didn't think I could fail this goal.

Guess what??? They are fab, so fab in fact my other half signed himself up for them too...lol


The boxes are so cute and quirky, all biodegradable and recyclable, plus lots of fun to have pushed through your letter box. 

As I signed up with a code I came across on Twitter, I received a fantastic offer of my 1st and 5th boxes being free.

The fantastic thing about graze is that you can pick and choose the items you wish to receive or bin the things you are not so keen on (wish i knew that first!!), and I'm really fussy so that is a big fat bonus.

When my box arrived everything looked delicious although slightly not to my taste....


The slightly sweet popcorn was really good fun as you pop it yourself in the microwave and that was something I had never done before.

The apple cosmo was off my list unfortunately as I don't like dried fruit which contained lime infused raisins, cranberries and apple, although my little boy enjoyed tucking into that one.


The tomato dipintti was stolen off me by my other half, cheeky beggar so that is going on the send soon list as I missed out on a taste of that.

My absolute favourite was the honeycomb flapjack, 3 small morsel's of heaven.
If i could just have 4 of those every time I would be more than happy...lol

sorry picture is poor.taken whilst in a chocolate frenzy..lol

The best thing about graze boxes is the price.
Just £3.98 a box that includes P&P which is just great!!

If you haven't given graze boxes a trail run, I definitely recommend you do.

One thing I do know is you wont regrett it.

Thank you for reading


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