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Monday, 15 April 2013

H & M Nail Polish

I regularly shop at H & M but I have never brought any of their nail polishes.

I thought it was about time I did, I have used a few pieces from their make up range and was impressed with the cost and quality of the items so I had high expectations.

I brought 3 nail polishes from within their range which were - Stay Golden, Silver Frost and Je T'aime.

Stay Golden and Silver Frost were a purchase I have been looking to make for some time as I have been looking for some chunky glitter polishes for a while.
Both have loose glitter in a clear polish with hexagonal glitter flecks included.

 Je T'aime was a random purchase as I found the colour so pretty. It is a apple red colour saturated with tiny golden particles. The sparkle of the gold when the sunlight hits it is amazing.

Overall I am very impressed with the quality of all the polishes and up to now seem to be hard wearing and quite chip resistant. Prices vary from bottle to bottle the silver glitter was £1.99, the gold glitter was £2.99 and the red was £1.50.
3 bottles of polish for £6.48 that will without a doubt get used on a regular basis isn't bad at all.

I will definitely be purchasing more of the H & M polishes as there are a few I ummed and ahhhed about but put them back, now I wished I hadn't...lol

Have you got any H & M polishes you love?? Feel free to recommend them!!

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  1. I've not tried h&m make up at all may do so now thanks for the review

    Carrieanne x



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